Bruce Theriault

CPB hired C2C to conduct an assessment of a major public radio-television journalism initiative comprised of seven different multi-station collaborations totaling over forty stations. C2C worked with each group individually to evaluate strengths and weaknesses, editorial focus and quality of broadcast and online content, social media strategy and execution, best governance practices, and the sustainability of business plans.   C2C presented the overall findings and recommendations to each group separately and then made a big picture presentation to all the groups at the collaboration summit. The assessments and recommendations were critical for each group’s development and to CPB in determining if an additional round of funding was merited. Rusty and Janet did a superb and highly professional job analyzing data and issues, working with a wide range of stations and people, and making clear and useful recommendations for improvements to each project and to CPB. Rusty and Janet were easy and flexible to work with and understood our goals and needs for this assessment. Since this project we have recommended C2C to other organizations and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Bruce TheriaultSVP, RadioCorporation for Public Broadcasting