Our Services

At Coats2Coats, our clients are a blend of media companies, startups, foundations, universities and news entrepreneurs. They have one thing in common: They view media disruption as an opportunity for innovation and positive change.

Mobile. With mobile taking center stage for digital media consumption, we consider mobile strategy an essential priority. We work well with clients who share our sense of urgency and see the opportunity – and necessity – of winning in this space.

Strategy. We consult organizations on strategy to guide transformative change, create new lines of business, leverage new technologies and secure new audiences.

Evaluations. We bring an objective perspective and quantifiable measures to gauge content quality, community engagement, revenue sustainability and strategic alignment, then provide a roadmap for taking it to the next level – or getting it back on track.

Partnerships. We help build, nurture and maintain partnerships for revenue and audience growth, bridging the gap between for-profit and non-profit strategies.

Infrastructure. Media companies and entrepreneurs who think holistically avoid the mistakes of earlier generations. We help identify and implement common content management systems, ad-tracking software, audience measurement tools, hosting environment, workflow standards and best-of-breed user experience schema – so local operators can focus on content and sales success.

Leadership Training & Development. Our experience leading newsrooms, sales organizations, companies and consortia is at your command. We support committing resources to success, sustaining the mission with goals and benchmarks, learning quickly from mistakes and rewarding achievement. It means seeing the hill and taking the hill – not seeing the hill, going halfway up and then turning around. We help transform your organization into a team of change agents.