News from Tomorrowland

How Disney World’s Tomorrowland envisions the future of the newspaper business: On-demand single copy racks that talk. Really.

Finally falling in love with Twitter

It was Jeff Houck, the Tampa Tribune’s food writer and early social media adopter, who called me out when I recently followed him on Twitter. “Eight tweets in 29 months? You Twitter slut,’’ he wrote. OK, I admit it – I have not exactly had a love affair with Twitter. I’ve had an account for […]

Lara Logan didn’t ask for it – none of us do

I am offended by everything about the attack on CBS correspondent Lara Logan in Egypt and the tone of much of the subsequent coverage and conversation about it. The attack itself is horrendous enough. Logan was in Tahrir Square on Feb. 11 with her crew –including security – to cover the crowd’s reaction to the […]

Changes at TBD show Godzilla just keeps winning

I don’t envy the folks at, especially those in leadership positions. I’ve been in that awkward position of trying to balance my journalistic obligation to truth-telling with my fiduciary responsibilities as a company manager. Even when you hew strictly to the facts in those situations, the nuance comes out as a painful parsing. You […]

Let’s bring an end to setting ants on fire

Who knew that the most succinct, articulate summary of what ails journalism would come from a guy who makes a living on a pretend news show? Probably anyone who has been watching Jon Stewart over the course of the last couple of years and how he has turned that pretend news show into anything but […]