How a Google Doodle made me cry

I had every intention of getting right to work this morning, but then I got trapped by the Google Doodle. If you haven’t seen today’s Doodle, do yourself a favor and go to it right now. The Doodle commemorates the 151st anniversary of French composer Claude Debussy’s birth with an animation of a Paris evening set […]

Bezos, The Post, and the business we’re really in

I was tearing through drawers in my office this week, looking for one of the 99 pieces of “signed by a parent” paperwork my kids need for back to school, when I ran smack-dab into myself, back when I was “the face of new journalism.” There I was, on the cover of the April 1996 […]

Social media yardsticks: Which tools measure up?

We get asked all the time about how to measure success in social media. Basic quantitative measures are obvious: likes, follows, retweets. But none of the hard numbers measures what you’re really after – being a social force. The distinction reminds me of my best friend’s mom. Specifically, her nugget of childhood wisdom: “It’s nice […]

It takes more than love to sustain an independent news site

“I started this out of love.’’ This is one of the phrases I heard more than once – more than a few times – from our New Jersey Community Journalism Executive Training participants. It is the common characteristic of all entrepreneurial journalists that they have started their site – be it community, investigative, niche or […]

LION at 100: A round of applause for local indy publishers

Starting a new organization from scratch is no easy task. Now imagine you are trying to start that organization while you’re running your own startup business. Not many folks would even dare to undertake it. But the Local Independent Online News Publishers don’t back away from a challenge. This week, LION announced that is has […]

The most important work I’ve done in journalism

Like most people who get into the business, I became a journalist because I wanted to write. I wound up spending most of my career as an editor, not a writer. And I spent most of my time as an editor really as a manager — directing people, not changing copy. Somewhere along the line, […]

Indy publishers and passion: It takes than love for journalism

The whole idea of the business mentoring work we’ve done with local independent publishers has been that having a coach makes a difference. One my professional mentors told me once that we all need a lifeguard. Nobody can figure out how to do everything on her own. I can think of no place where that […]

NJ CJET: Sustainability training, empathy and “The Voice”

We were only a few minutes into the New Jersey Community Journalism Executive Training session when Deborah Smith, publisher of Jersey Bites, piped up with the perfect description of the class: “It’s like The Voice!’’ she said. The popular singing show works because it’s not just about providing aspiring singers with expert coaching – it’s […]

KDMC reports how CJET helps news startups

Placeblogger’s Lisa Williams provided a great preview of the New Jersey CJET (Community Journalism Executive Training) program that took place May 16-18 at Montclair State. We’ll have a post detailing our work there shortly with our great coaches and the entrepreneurial publishers knitting the New Jersey news ecosystem, but wanted to post this first. CJET […]

Social media grows up in Boston

At the risk of plowing ground that will soon be tilled by innumerable Master’s theses, the Boston Marathon bombing feels like a watershed for social media. Integration of social content into “mainstream” news took a huge step forward. At the same time, the spotlight illuminated just how grown-up social channels have become. A common criticism […]