Reports from the independent news front: Progress!

I’m in California this week, where we’ve been working with 20 independent news publishers on business sustainability. An inspirational group, they’ve filled me with fresh optimism about the future of journalism.

I’m working on a longer post about this event, called Community Journalism Executive Training (CJET), which I’ll share at the first of the week. But I wanted to cross-post here a piece I wrote for The Patterson Foundation about the Local Independent Online News Publishers group. I helped in small ways to get the LION organization going, and next week they’ll see the fruits of their work when they gather for their first summit in Chicago. From my TPF post:

“That road has not been without its bumps. The publishers all are time-crunched beyond reason by the daunting task of running both the news and revenue sides of their sites. The very fact that they are all entrepreneurs means that they are individualists, each with their own definition of what a local independent news site is and their own sense of the highest priorities for serving those sites.

“But they have continued to work through the challenges, continuing to refine their approach and learn from what hasn’t worked. This week, they will convene in Chicago for the LION Summit, the successor to Block by Block. It is an event that is driven by the publishers in every respect, from planning the agenda to arranging the logistics.”

You can read the full post here.