My husband, the author

Today is a big day, an epic day, a day we will always remember in the Coats household.

Today my partner in life and in Coats2Coats became a published author.

Rusty’s novel, “Out of Touch,” is available right here this minute at and on Barnes and Noble’s Nook reader. After all these years trying (usually in vain) to convince newspaper companies to take digital media seriously, Rusty is living his values and publishing digital first.

Hard copies come later, also available on Amazon.

“Out of Touch” is a novel about trying to hide from your gifts. Eventually, the protagonist, Jonah, can’t outrun his talents and has to find a way to use them without letting them control him. It’s a story of psychic gifts, small-town hypocrisy, a reporter whose ambitions are exceeded only by her proficiency with profanity. It is, at core, a love story — the traditional boy-meets-girl kind, but it is also a story about love of craft, about parental love and about the bonds that hold a small-town basketball team together.

I know I’m biased. But it’s a great read.

So why am I writing about it on our business blog, other than to try to drum up book sales?

Because the lesson of Rusty and his novel is a lesson that applies to all of the rest of our work.

Rusty wrote this book, his sixth novel and now first to be published, after pretty much giving up on his dream of becoming a published author. His passion for writing, however, wouldn’t let him step away.

He kept at it. And when his younger daughter poured a bottle of Windex into his computer and the novel he was working on was trashed, he started over. That novel had to be sacrificed for “Out of Touch” to be born.

He wrote “Out of Touch” in 2004  (so unfortunately for me, I am not the inspiration for Natalie, the salty-mouthed reporter. I wish I was). It has taken seven years to get to this day, but Rusty kept believing in Jonah, Natalie and the kids on that fictional basketball team.

And when the opportunity came to publish, Rusty took the new path, through a digital-first strategy that is aimed at reaching readers directly.

These qualities — passion for the work, persistence in the face of setbacks, the willingness to try a different path — are the qualities I see in all aspects of my partner’s life. They are qualities we try to live in the work we do at Coats2Coats. We want the work we do for all of our clients to reflect them. They are the qualities we value in each other, and the qualities we are trying to pass on to our children.

So this post is not just a “buy this book” message, although I’d be mighty pleased if you acted on that impulse. This is my tribute to my partner at Coats2Coats and in life.

Cheers, baby.