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Refining sustainability strategies for indie news publishers

One of the things I like most about working with The Patterson Foundation is that it embraces the philosophy of recycling. That doesn’t just apply to material goods – although we are pretty diligent about sorting our plastic water bottles. It applies to ideas and the products of those ideas. Too often, we’ve all sat […]

CJET coaches: Not the usual suspects

Long before the Community Journalism Executive Training (CJET) brought together 32 non-profit and for-profit news entrepreneurs for intensive business training, I started recruiting coaches. And I knew from the outset that, for the program to be successful, I’d need to look beyond the usual suspects. It was a challenging task, given the diverse field of applicants. Some […]

CJET insights on Journalism Accelerator

The Journalism Accelerator, a networking platform Janet helped create and grow as part of her New Media Initiative work with The Patterson Foundation, has posted several insights, tools and takeaways from our recent work on CJET – Community Journalism Executive Training. Lots of good stuff for indie publishers here, both non-profit and for-profit. CJET was […]

Working in the intersections

Last week was an atypical one for me – no travel. My personal blogging and social media contributions have not been as substantial as my contributions to my Delta SkyMiles account (Platinum in July, thanks). But last week gave me enough time to take a bit of a balcony view of our work at C2C. […]

From Skype to Sneakernet

“The challenge in philanthropy – as in other sectors – is to find solutions that thread various communities. Sometimes it’s a tech solution; sometimes it’s a sticky note…” My latest blog post for The Patterson Foundation. Read it here.

Witnessing 9/11 through a mobile & social lens – in 2001

On the morning September 11, 2001, I was boarding a plane in Minneapolis, headed for Dallas to share online research at a Freedom Communications conference. I made it as far as the jetway when the gate agent halted boarding. For a few moments, we all stood in that soulless tunnel, figuring the delay was any […]

As traditional media revenues decline, digital dollars grow

The first quarter reports are slogging in, and for media companies, the numbers continue to paint a picture of ongoing decline. Today, McClatchy Co. posted that first-quarter revenue fell 10 percent, which included an 11 percent decline in newspaper advertising revenue and a 5 percent decline in circulation revenue. But digital-only revenue – not tied […]

One year after leaving corporate media: Focusing on fundamentals

Today marks one year since I left the E.W. Scripps company, resigning my post as Vice President of Content and Marketing. In my announcement – leaked in several places but most reliably here – I said my reasons for leaving were professional and personal: On the professional side, after more than 20 years with newspapers […]

News from Tomorrowland

How Disney World’s Tomorrowland envisions the future of the newspaper business: On-demand single copy racks that talk. Really.