Social media yardsticks: Which tools measure up?

We get asked all the time about how to measure success in social media. Basic quantitative measures are obvious: likes, follows, retweets. But none of the hard numbers measures what you’re really after – being a social force. The distinction reminds me of my best friend’s mom. Specifically, her nugget of childhood wisdom: “It’s nice […]

Social media grows up in Boston

At the risk of plowing ground that will soon be tilled by innumerable Master’s theses, the Boston Marathon bombing feels like a watershed for social media. Integration of social content into “mainstream” news took a huge step forward. At the same time, the spotlight illuminated just how grown-up social channels have become. A common criticism […]

Are regional media looking like J.C. Penney?

J.C. Penney’s board has ousted CEO Ron Johnson. The move wasn’t a surprise: Dissatisfaction with Johnson and his attempts to reinvent the struggling retailer had been growing for months. What’s interesting are the similarities between Penney’s path and the trajectory of many regional media. Johnson arrived at Penney’s with the purest intentions, trailing the scent […]

Finding your social media sweet spot

A client recently asked: “Which is more important? Direct traffic to my site or referrals from social networks?” The answer is: both. Direct traffic is the source of topline metric bragging rights and revenue in shops that use impression-based advertising, but social referrals are – increasingly – the coin of the realm for reputation and […]