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NJ CJET: Sustainability training, empathy and “The Voice”

We were only a few minutes into the New Jersey Community Journalism Executive Training session when Deborah Smith, publisher of Jersey Bites, piped up with the perfect description of the class: “It’s like The Voice!’’ she said. The popular singing show works because it’s not just about providing aspiring singers with expert coaching – it’s […]

CJET event confronted the business fears of independent publishers

For my old friends in newspapers who worry about the future of journalism, I highly recommend spending 2½ days with a group of passionate, committed entrepreneurs who are creating a future for community and investigative journalism at sites they’ve built from the ground up. And for my new friends in entrepreneurial journalism who worry about […]

Kodak/Instagram comparison: This isn’t about taking pictures

My social media channels were all filled with comments yesterday about Facebook’s $1 billion deal to purchase Instagram that ran a little something like this: “Kodak is bankrupt and Instagram is worth $1 billion. Welcome to the digital age!” It’s true that this is the kind of moment that serves as a stark example of […]

Let’s focus less on business models, more on business practices

After I finished my panel at SXSW on Saturday, I spent some time talking to folks who had been in the audience about what resonated with them from our discussion. Nicole Hollway of the St. Louis Beacon and I had just finished an hour of sharing what we’ve learned about philanthropic funding and journalism. Nicole’s […]

I got to go to SXSW and here is what I did there

We’ve been away from the blog too long — lots of work means not enough time to reflect on it. Trying to remedy that beginning today, with a link to my latest post at The Patterson Foundation’s New Media Journalism Initiative blog. I just got back from SXSW — yes, Rusty is jealous that I […]

Being a journalist and a businessperson are not mutually exclusive pursuits

I’m at the Block by Block Community News Summit, listening and learning from the very inspiring publishers who are building the future of local news. Conversations about revenue have me thinking about the dual role of news provider and businessperson. You can read my post here.

An investment not in journalism but in community

“I felt an affinity for the Block by Block community-level publishers early on. As a reporter and editor, I spent most of my working life in community journalism. I’ve long believed that healthy communities need reliable, intensely local sources of information to support good decision-making and governance. The Block by Block publishers believe this at […]

Networking means more than getting a reference

“In doing this work, I’ve been watching how networks of journalism practitioners evolve. My initial interest was focused on shiny objects – the new tools people can use to connect. But as I’ve watched and thought more, I’m intrigued not just in how practitioners use tools to connect, but why they reach out to each […]

Seeing journalism’s future through the lens of community

In the spring of 2010, I was still deep in the research phase of my work on the New Media Journalism Initiative. I’d conducted a series of interviews with smart thinkers from a range of backgrounds and perspectives about the future of journalism in the digital age. As part of my inquiry, I was invited […]

Looking for role models in all the wrong places

I spent a good part of yesterday trying to figure out why I wasn’t feeling generationally appropriate euphoria about the fact that The New York Times has its first woman editor. It isn’t that I’m not glad to see Jill Abramson rise to the top chair at The Times. The move shatters the newspaper glass […]